Milagro Position Report

It is Monday, 11/27/17 and all is well here. You must be wondering if we moved yesterday like I said we would. You were wondering, right? Yeah, I didn’t really think you were. But, wonder or not, yes, we did. And, yes, I forgot to update Farkwar after doing so. I’d offer some good excuse if I had one but, other than allowing myself to get distracted I really don’t. Cruise-heimers! We had an uneventful 10nm run yesterday here to Puerto Ballandra and settled in 40′ of 78F water at 26 01.248’N 111 09.858’W at 1125 MST yesterday. OAT was 84F and there was 4kts of breeze from the North. We joined 3 other boats here though by sundown 4 others had arrived and we were 8. It was peaceful and cool overnight waking to 63F this morning under clear skies and a NE breeze of 7kts. Very nice. 6 of those vessels moved on this morning so now there are us and our friends on SV Voyager here. For now. It’s very likely others will arrive before nightfall as those did last night. We will hang here for several days before moving on but at this writing we don’t know just where that next spot will be. We’ll let you know when it happens. Thanks for tuning in.

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