Milagro Position Report

It is still Saturday, 2/12/17, and things remain good here. We completed today’s 50nm passage and are now peacefully anchored in Puerto Los Gatos. We’ve anchored here several times over the years and have yet to see any cats so we don’t know what they were thinking when naming this place but we still keep a sharp eye out. You know cats, they’ll let us see them when they’re darned good and ready. At 1527MST the anchor was set in 12′ over sand at 25 18.126’N, 110 56.747’W. The OAT is 82F, it’s 60% humid and it’s 79F in the pool. There’s a strong wind blowing from the NE at 2 to 3 kts. Right, hang on to your hats, eh? The sea is flat and the sky is 100% overcast by a layer of stratocirrus. It’s all very peaceful and comfortable. We’ll be underway again first thing tomorrow morning bound (probably) for one of the anchorages on Isla Espiritu Santo and it will be another long one – about 10nm longer than today. There a several anchorages on that island with good protection from northerly weather and we will decide when we get there which one we prefer. Hasta manana, y’all.

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