Milagro Position Report

It is Monday, 12/11/17, and all is good here on Milagro. We’ve spent the last week at Caleta Partida while a bunch of North wind blew thru the area. Many boats in other, nearby, anchorages reported winds as strong as 45kts during those days and we even heard a report of 68kts a little further North at Puerto Escondido but the strongest we saw was 37kts. Most of that time it was more like 15kts gusting to 25 but our location had good protection from the North so the seas remained pretty flat for us. We did quite a bit of reading and Judy watched an insane number of Hallmark Christmas and Holiday themed movies. Over the last 2 days the winds have moderated considerably and today we enjoyed a very nice sail down to Bahia Falsa which is very near to La Paz. At 1150MST our anchor was set in 31′ over sand at 24 15.418’N, 110 19.158’W. OAT is 78F and the pool is 75F. There is a N wind running 9-12kts but, once again, we are well protected from that direction so the water is flat and all is really very comfortable. From here we will make Milagro ready for marina life (floating condo vs actual sailboat) and coordinate our arrival into Marina La Paz for sometime this week. I’ll let you know when we make that transition.

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