Milagro Position Report

It is Wednesday, 12/13/17 and all is well here. The marina informed us yesterday that our slip would become available to us today so we’ve made the move. At 1315MST we were secured into slip 218 at Marina De La Paz at 24 09.305’N, 110 19.576’W. OAT is 80F and it’s 73F in the pool, humidity is 57% and we are under a 100% overcast. We intend to remain here through the Holidays and for some time after the first of the year. Although a specific date for departure has not yet been set I reckon it will fall somewhere between Mar 1 and April 15. Of course, we’ll figure that out when we get closer. In the meantime, the projects list has grown quite long so working through that will keep at least one of us off of the streets and out of the bars. Well, off of the streets anyway. As for Judy, you can imagine her playing cards almost every day with dominoes and ‘lady’s luncheons’ thrown in for variety. I know, it’s a tough deal but she claims someone has to do it. While here in LP we have really good internet and reliable phone service which makes it easy to stay in touch and connected with everyone. Since we aren’t out and about cruising, the Farkwar updates will cease until we’re back out there but, you know how reach us. Thanks for cruising along with us.

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