Milagro Position Report

It is 1430MDT on Wednesday, 18April2018. By now this has become a familiar routine. Go some place, like La Paz, stay a long time, finally get going and immediately wonder why you couldn’t have done it sooner. Today, after 4 months and 3 days we finally achieved terminal velocity and escaped the strong gravitational pull of La Paz. Of course, we enjoyed our entire time there and even managed to complete many projects including some pretty big ones. The sailing gods celebrated our escape by providing 12-14 kts of North wind which meant we could sail in the La Paz channel on a beam reach. Within moments of clearing the marina we were making 6.5kts under main and reefed jib on flat water. Sweet. Now, this channel changes courses and our destination was due North once out of the channel so the glory didn’t last quite an hour. Still, it was a very nice way to transition from floating condo back into a sailboat. We are now settled for the night at Caleta Lobos at 24 18.023’N 110 20.130’W in 15′ over sand. The wind remains from the N at 10-14kts while the OAT is 76F. The pool is still a bit chilly at 71F. There is good protection here from the North so the water is flat andour conditions are very comfortable. We aim to move a little further North tomorrow to one of the anchorages on Isla Espiritu Santo then, on Friday, move into Caleta Partida on that same island. Welcome back everyone.

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