Milagro Position Report

It is Tuesday, 24 April, 2018, and all is well here on Milagro. This morning we departed San Evaristo under a wildly colorful sunrise and motored our way North to Pto. Los Gatos. The sea was millpond flat and what breeze there was hovered around 3kts – first from the S then the N then finally the NE. At 1117MDT we set the anchor at Los Gatos at 25 18.128’N 110 56.760’W in 14′ over sand. The water remains flat calm and has warmed to 74F. OAT is 79F and we still have that NE breeze screaming through the anchorage at 3 to 4 knots. On the beach here there is an adventure group camped with their colorful tents and kayaks. These groups are not uncommon in this general area, many are traveling via ocean kayak and some, like we suspect of this group, travel from beach to beach by panga (not enough kayaks on the beach for them all to be traveling that way). Both types have support via pangas carrying food, supplies and some of the camping gear. In fact, we saw a group of ocean kayakers pause briefly at San Evaristo yesterday afternoon on their way to some destination south of there. Yes, the sand beaches here, like beaches amost everywhere, harbor plenty of sand fleas and other biting creatures. It might be fun if your idea of fun is to paddle all day then sleep in the sand at night before doing it all over again the next day. I think we’ll pass. Not sure if we will hang here for a couple of days or move on again tomorrow but we’ll let you know if we relocate.

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One thought on “Milagro Position Report

  1. “Millpond flat” is a bit shopworn in these here parts. We’ve had several days lately of winds gusting to 50 mph and higher all day long. The ponds had whitecaps. I’m pretty sure that the bird bath in the back had them briefly before all the water blew out.

    You can keep the sand fleas. Thanks.


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