Milagro Position Update

It is Tuesday, May 22, 2018 and everything is good here on the SV Milagro. And, no, we did not fall off the face of the earth. It has been so long since our last update that one could come to that conclusion but it’s not the case. We just haven’t moved from Point Nopolo in all this time – 14 days by my reckoning. Point Nopolo is a nice setting with good beaches, restaurants (yes, more than 1), good cell coverage and decent wifi from the hotel. At least it was decent in the middle of the night when all their guests were asleep. Anyway, we couldn’t think of anyplace better so why move, eh? Today, however, we have joined a group of friends at the Loreto waterfront where we are gonna fool around on shore today. We are set at 26 00.734’N 111 20.182’W in 10′ over sand. Yes, it was a “minus” low tide, the last one for several days so we’ll be in deeper water soon without moving an inch. The OAT is 80F, it’s 80F also in the pool and there is 5kts of breeze from the E. Seas are flat with about 10′ visibility. Our aim is to move tomorrow to join other friends for yet another shoreside adventure. More on that later. Hasta prono.

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