Milagro Position Report

It is Friday, 5/25/2018 and all is well here. We’ve done a lot since the last update and I just wasn’t able to keep this updated. Sorry. We moved on Wednesday from Nopolo to Puerto Escondido where we joined friends and rented a car for some shoreside sightseeing, laundry, provisioning (can we ever have enough food?) and, of course, shoreside dining. Yesterday we journeyed about 40km outside Loreto to the Mission San Xavier. Very cool little village, very rugged, scenic drive and, of course, the mission itself. Built apx 250 years ago, it was the first Catholic mission in the California’s to sport glass windows. We got Milagro’s bottom cleaned while in PE and in the process learned that the growth was much worse than we’d realized and was really creating a lot of drag. So, on to today. We left PE at first light this morning to make our way North to Isla Los Coronados where we joined other friends, one of which is celebrating a birthday today. At 1035MDT our anchor is set in the NW bay at Coronados at 26 06.673’N, 111 17.043’W in 16′ over sand. The OAT is 86F, the humidity 53%, there is now a N breeze running 10kts and the sea is 78F and flat but with wind ripples. The water visibility is about 15′ which is a bit of an improvement. The WX forecast models cannot agree and, depending on which models are closer to being correct, we may (may) see NW winds increase this afternoon enough to drive us around to the protection of the South side of the island. We will see what develops. We are starting to focus on the best day(s) to make our crossing to San Carlos and think the coming Wednesday or Thursday may serve. We will continue watching closely in the meantime and will either hang here until time to cross or move North a little bit first.

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