Milagro Position Report

It is Saturday, 26 May, 2018 and all is well here. A little windblown but well. Plus, now we have a better idea of which weather forecast model was closest to being correct regarding today’s wind forecast. It was the ECMWF this time, one of the models forecasting more wind from the NW than we wanted given our choice of anchorages. And we got blown out. We had a great time with friends yesterday, our excuse being the birthday of our good friend Rick (SV Hotel California) and today we started all over again with birthday cake for breakfast (Joanne from MV Mystic Eyes made a world class carrot cake) followed by card games. This kept us distracted sufficiently and long enough for the wind to build from nothing early in the morning to 15 gusting to 25 from the north, right into the open end of our anchorage. With miles of fetch from that direction the wind built waves of 3′ to 4′ running about 3 seconds apart. Very sporty conditions for recovering dinghies and getting underway. In fact, we abandoned efforts to recover the MV Mystic Eye’s dinghy altogether on account of conditions making it just too dangerous for people or equipment. Reluctantly, Sam was obligated to rig a long bridle and tow it. To get around to the other side of Coronados we were forced to run broadside to the swells about half of the way, encountering several 6 footers in the process. Rock and Roll, indeed!! The tilt-0-meter showed 45 degrees a couple of times as we were rolled from starboard to port and back. Still, the passage was completed with nothing worse to show for it other than the cabin sole littered with everything loose or not tied down inside. At 1645 our anchor was reset at 26 06.066’N, 111 17.053’W in 22′ over sand. The OAT is 83F, the pool is 77F and the wind here is from the N 15G20. The sea is flat except for some small wind waves as where we are now, the island provides good N wind protection. We’ll move along further North to San Juanico either tomorrow or Monday with Wednesday or Thursday our current aim for crossing over to the mainland. Hasta pronto.

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