Milagro position report

88C4FB04-832D-41DE-A4AF-BCAED4AF8B0FIt is Wednesday, 30 May, 2018 and the crew of Milagro are grinning large. We left Los Coronados yesterday morning about 1100 with breezes light and variable and <3kts. As we needed to run the engine for a bit to fill our nearly empty water tanks, that was OK. Then, shortly after that exercise was completed, the wind filled in and settled at +/-8kts from the SE and it pretty much stayed that way all the way to San Carlos. We enjoyed flat water broad reaching under a full moon. All. Night. Long. There was a period of about 4 hours when the wind lay down a bit which caused us to slow considerably but we were still making comfortable progress and had planned the passage to allow for this very thing. But then it came back steady at 8 with occasional periods of 10 and once again we were speeding along. Even with this lull, we averaged right at 5kts p/hr overall. I don’t suppose we should be surprised, though, we have sailed this passage between San Carlos and the Baja 9 times now and have sailed virtually the entire way for 8 of them. We particularly appreciated this sail, however, as so far this season we have only seen “noserlies” or winds too light to sail given the sea state. Now we are anchored in Bahia Algodones, near San Carlos, Sonora at 27 57.876’N, 111 06.693’W in 16′ over sand and right in front of the Soggy Peso palapa bar. The OAT is 79F, the pool is murky green and 72F, and there is a SE wind running at 9kts. We will remain here for a couple of days while we decide if there are any other anchorages in the area we wish to check out between now and June 7 when we put Milagro away for the summer in the San Carlos Marina. We will keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “Milagro position report

  1. Flat water with 5 knots forward speed – what’s not to like? 😀

  2. Yeah, no kidding. But consider this, that was 5 Kts on 8 kts of following wind. Which is reminiscent of a run down the outside of Baja in 2012 when the Code Zero sail also served us most efficiently. The wind made it to 10 a couple of times this passage and Milagro scooted along then at 7.5 kts. I’m thinking I like this sail just fine.

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