Milagro Position Report

It is Wednesday, 12 December, 2018 and we are back. I should say, we are FINALLY back! As crazy as it seems, we’ve been absent from the Water World for 6 whole months – a first for us. We dashed off almost a month earlier than normal (the exact reason for which I can no longer remember) then our return was delayed a full month first by Judy’s travels then by me causing some damage to our motorhome. This world seems quite strange for the moment as we reprogram ourselves from living in one “tiny home” to another, each very different from the other. We rushed through recommisioning tasks because forecast wind and sea conditions told us to go quickly or face waiting 4 days, or more, for conditions to return to favorable. So we made ready in record time and have now made our passage from San Carlos, Sonora (mainland MX) to the Loreto, BCS area on the Baja. We left the SC marina at 1100 MST, Tuesday and planted the anchor at Isla Coronados this morning at 0425 MST. (Apparently we DO remember how to anchor!) It was an unremarkable passage. We are set now at 26 06.048’N, 111 17.038’W on the south side of Isla Coronados in 22′ of clear water over sand. As I write this (1030MST) the pool is 72 and the OAT is 76 under mostly overcast but improving skies. The wind is NNW 10-13kts and expected to reach the mid 20’s this afternoon, tomorrow and maybe Friday. We are staying put until this wind event passes. As a “welcome back” the Amigo Net has already learned of our return and immediatley drafted me for Net Controller duties. I guess that certifies that we ARE back but, if so, we’re glad of it. Welcome back everyone!

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