Milagro Position Update

It is Friday, 12/14/18 and all is well here on Milagro. After waiting out the worst of the North wind event we got ourselves moving South today. On the heels of the winds the seas were still quite stirred up with a 3′-4′ N swell running under a confused surface as well as wind waves generated by winds that ranged from 7 to 27 kts. The conditions drove us to cycle through a wide range of sail and motor configurations including a wing on wing downwind romp at 7.5 kts at one point to motorsailing under main alone. Aside from the extra workout and rolly conditions caused by the following/quartering seas, it was a pleasant day. At 1420 MST we set the anchor in the North lobe at Bahia Agua Verde at 25 31.296’N, 111 04.401’W in 37′ over gravel. It’s a bit crowded as 8 other boats were already here likely hiding from the N winds like we did at Coronados. The OAT is 78F, the pool is 74F and there is 6-8kts of N breeze. Conditions are forecast to contiue moderating so we will move further South tomorrow with our sights set on San Evaristo. Hasta manana.

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