Milagro Position Update

It is Friday, 5/3/19 and all is well here on the Milagro. We got up early this morning after a night of mild Coromuel winds. Coromuels are overnight winds spilling into the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific side of the Baja common to the La Paz area especially in spring. They come from a Westerly or Southwesterly direction and can be quite strong at times. Anyway, we had a bit of that overnight and got underway early for our next stop. The winds were forecast to be from the South around 10kts early but diminishing throughout the day and swinging around to be on our nose by afternoon. If we were to get to sail we needed to go early. Coming out of Bahia Falsa we were able to raise the sails and, by using various sail combinations, were able to sail to within a mile of our destination. Very nice! We are now at an unnamed cove just North of Punto Lobos on the East side of Isla Espiritu Santo. We’re calling it Liahona Cove as we learned about this spot from our good friends on the SV Liahona. So, we are anchored at 24 29.249’N, 110 18.306’W in 20′ over sand/gravel. OAT is 80F, the pool is 74F and there is a NE breeze running at 5kts. The sea is flat and we are under a high stratus overcast. Manana we continue moving North with our sights set on the East side of Isla San Francisco. Wind forecast is for mostly light and variable but we will just have to see what hand tomorrow deals us. Hasta manana, y’all.

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