Milagro Position Report

It is Sunday, May 6, 2019 and all is good here. We enjoyed passage today all the way to Bahia Agua Verde- about 15nm beyond our initial target. Conditions today allowed some off then on then off again sailing the hightlight of which was about an hour running dead down wind under main and Code Zero sails set wing on wing on totally flat seas. The wind petered out altogether though leaving us with perfect trawler conditions- glassy, flat seas and zero wind. If you’re gonna motorboat, that is surely the way to do it. Because we were making such good speed over ground while motoring we decided to press on to what would have been tomorrow’s destination so here we are. At 1607MDT our anchor was set in the South lobe of Bahia Agua Verde at 25 30.943’N, 111 03.748’W in 21′ over sand. The OAT is 89F, the pool is 76F and there is a 5-8kt breeze from the NE. The sea state here in the anchorage is flat. We will move again tomorrow with our sights set on Bahia Candeleros, the bay South of Loreto where lives the Villa del Palmar resort is found. Hasta manana.

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