Milagro Position Report

It is Monday, May 6, 2019 and all is well on the Milagro. It is apparent that I need a refresher course in how to read a calendar but, otherwise, all is well:-) As I’m sure you saw, I incorrectly dated yesterday’s post as being the 6th. I’m sure didn’t fool any of you, but, to be clear, TODAY is the 6th. Really. So we vacated Agua Verde this morning and made our way to Bahia Candeleros. No favorable winds to work with today so we did what one has to do in that case. At 1213MDT our anchor was set in front of the Villa del Palmar resort at 25 43.373’N, 111 14.237’W in 15′ over sand. The OAT is 80F, the pool 75F (getting better!) and there is a NE breeze of 6kts. The sea is flat with small wind chop and our sky is sunny and clear. The only other boat here is another C42 like ours and belongs to friends of ours. They bought Macadamia last fall after we declined to sell them Milagro (mistake?) and spent the winter in San Carlos modifying and equiping her to, more or less, equal our set up. We will get a chance to visit with them and also review with the resort, details of our family stay here in a few weeks. We’ll want to ensure they have all of the details correct. After a couple of days we will move along to one of the many other terrific locations here in the greater Loreto area. Hasta pronto, y’all.

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