Milagro Position Update

It is Wednesday, May 15, 2019 and everything here is good although I reckon it’s time for a Farkwar update. We’ve been in the same spot at Point Nopolo since our last report on May 8th but there just hasn’t been much to say. You may recall that we’ve planted our anchor here in the past and then just stayed and stayed and it seems we’re doing it again. Although, yesterday, we broke the anchor free and dashed the 5.5nm North to Loreto as we needed some fresh provisions and to have some laundry done. We did get all of that done then met last evening with boating friends on their way driving from La Paz back to the US. It was a pretty full day and a successful one, as well. After a peaceful night on the Loreto waterfront we returned again to Point Nopolo this morning and are parked once more on nearly the very same spot as before. We have boating friends staying at a relative’s home here in Nopolo and we’re joining them tonight for dinner after they enjoyed a particularly fruitful day of fishing. Judy may be less exited than I am at the prospect of a fresh fish dinner but she says she’s game. Then, she says she needs internet (we have a good source here) tomorrow night after which she says I can consider relocating. With that in mind, we reckon to move on Friday, East across Loreto Bay to Bahia Ballandra on Isla Carmen and hang out there for a while. So, that’s our update from Nopolo. More in a couple of days.

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