Milagro Position Update

It is Tuesday, May 21, 2019 and everything is fine here on the Milagro. After several days enjoying Puerto Ballandra and the company of our friends we left there today and took up station once again at Point Nopolo. The same environmental conditions that gave much of the Southwest U.S. very winterlike weather recently gave us rough seas and strong winds. Ballandra is well protected from weather in every direction except West so it was good timing for us to be there. Today those conditions here began to improve as the system moves out of our area with strong Westerly winds forecast to follow. Nopolo is well positioned for those westerlies so here we are. Again. At 1117MDT today our anchor was set in front of the Hotel Loreto Bay at 25 55.479’N, 111 20.847’W in 13′ over sand. the OAT is 76F, the pool is 77F and there is 8kts of breeze from the East. Although the strong NE winds have died the sea is still quite stirred up giving us a very lumpy ride over from Isla Carmen and now continues to provide some wind chop on top of a close spaced 1′ swell. We are pointed into it but, until this settles completely, we’ve a bit of a rocking horse ride. We don’t yet have “what’s next” plans but we’ll be here for at least several days and will surely come up with something in that time. Hasta entonces……(until then)

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