Milagro Position Report

It is Thursday, May 23, 2019 and all is well on the Milagro. At least, it is now. Today was not a planned moving day but it did turn into one. The wind forecast led us to expect a few hours of NE winds, mostly 10kts with gusts close to 15, before settling down and shifting in the late afternoon. From the NE our anchorage is exposed so we were prepared for several hours of lumpy conditions. However… the span of an hour, we went from 8kts to 15 gusting to 20 and the seas from small wind waves to 3′ to 4′ breaking waves all around us. Time to get out of Dodge, Campers. It was especially sporting weighing anchor while the bow was being buried by incoming waves. I don’t believe I need to do that again. At least our “fire drill” was conducted in daylight. Several times in the past week other cruisers have been blown out of their anchorages in the middle of the night by these crazy winds that refuse to adhere to the forecasts. After considering our anchorage options we chose to head south and hide behind the hills at the entrance to Puerto Escondido and that is where we are comfortably lying now. At 1253MDT our anchor was set off Rattlesnake Beach just South of the entrance to Puerto Escondido at 25 48.161’N, 111 18.526’W in 53′ over gravel/sand. The OAT is 74F, it is 77F in the pool and the wind is NW at 10 to 12kts. Here in the lee of nearby hills the water is flat. We’ll view tomorrows wind forecast through jaundiced eyes before making our next move but our current thinking is we’ll likely stay put tomorrow and bust out on Saturday. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Milagro Position Report

  1. You all REALLY know how to have a good time!

    Here’s to following winds when under sail, and flat water when you’re not.

    At The Lake for two plus weeks with Ms. Jan, then to Dallas for the Big Radio Convention, and then off to Far South Texas to explore some land / houses / possibilities.

    Love y’all!

  2. There’s not much chance of any moss taking root on your rolling stone, is there? Hey to all with you at the lake and happy hunting in “Far South Texas”. And, enjoy the radio extravaganza while you’re at it.

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