Milagro Position Report

Today is Saturday, May 25, 2019 and we’re just fine here on the fairly good ship Milagro. As per my speculation on Thursday, we folded our tent today and vacated the anchorage at Rattlesnake Beach. It was our first visit to that spot and it turned out to be quite nice. We were surprised to find fair LTE cell service there, apparently from a tower somewhere south of it, as Puerto Escondido cell service ranges from notoriously horrible to nonexistent. Lucky us. So, where did we end up today? I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that we’ve returned to Point Nopolo. What is so special about Pt. Nopolo? There are actually several attractive features but at the top of that list is bugs-the biting/stinging kind. There just aren’t any. Judy is such a magnet for biting/stinging insects that she can be eaten alive while no one around her gets bitten at all. So, there’s that. Additionally, there is a nice sandy beach, a welcoming hotel with pool and restaurant, (several other restaurants are also within easy walking distance), there are 2 mini-markets within walking distance, there is convenient trash disposal, and OK kayaking and snorkeling. Add strong LTE cell signal and decent internet from the hotel and what’s not to like? While it is not safe to park here in some weather conditions (see our last post), when the weather IS suitable it is very appealing. The forecast weather indicates great conditions for the next several days so, here we are.

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One thought on “Milagro Position Report

  1. Currently at The Lake, While *at home* they are enjoying the 4th or 5th (I’ll have to go back to see) day in a row of Tornado Watches. Watched OKC TeeVee last night from here and they were chasing up and down tornadoes all across the OKC Metro. Happy to be here, where it is just MUGGY, MUGGY, and given the weekend Full of People.

    Enjoy your happy place. Even with all the stuff I end up doing here, it is for Ms. Jan, after all, and that is one of my happy places – doing stuff for her.

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