Liahona Cove

Today is June 3, 2019 and we are in the middle of a shore excursion. On Saturday, the 2nd, we left Milagro secured to a mooring at Puerto Escondido and joined family for a week long stay at the Villa Del Palmar resort. This is about 25 miles South of Loreto at Bahia Candeleros. We have posted ourselves anchored here many times and many times have also commented on our day visits to the resort. This time, however, we are actually staying at the hotel and, of course, it’s quite a different experience. I think the last time we stayed here was in May, 2016 when we met fellow cruisers Gary and Angie Livers on the SV Nivasi. They currently live aboard Nivasi in Anacortes, WA while they plot their escape.

We have already recorded many moments with the kids and grandkids engaged in various activities here but I don’t intend to bore you with those photos. They look very much like many you have probably taken yourselves of your family at one place or another so, in effect, you’ve seen them already. In addition, I’m sure there will be plenty of that sort of thing on the family’s various FB accounts.

What I AM going to do is attempt to post my first ever video of the first ever drone footage of Milagro at anchor. If I am successful you will see Milagro anchored on the East side of Isla Espiritu Santo at Liahona Cove along with our friends, Bret and Marne of the SV Liahona. They have the drone and took the footage when we were there on May 4th of this year. Yes, the cove is the same name as their boat and here’s why: None of the charts we’ve referenced show a name for this cove and since it was the Liahona’s who “discovered” it and shared it with us,  we are calling it their cove. So, there you go.

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3 thoughts on “Liahona Cove

  1. Very nice video. It was good to see Milagro after… wait, how many years? Is this possible?

    Nevertheless it was a good to see her.

    On a personal note: It may have very well been my Chromebook, but I had to open the video in an Incognito/Private/whatever YOUR browser may call it to actually see the video. But as I say, it very likely was me.

    Tell everyone there “howdy” from me!

    • That’s interesting, Gary. The file is an .mp4 and was posted via WordPress using the MS Edge browser. The video plays without issue for me on Edge and Safari but then when I used Chrome to try it would not load or play. I wonder what that is all about. As this is my first swing at posting a video I have no experience or background to draw on for an explanation. Likely, you know better than I.

      In any case, yes, it has been many, many moons since Milagro last saw you. Maybe next winter we could find an opportunity to address that problem.

      • Usually I have to download mp4s and run them locally, but sometimes they work just fine. I found it odd that I could get the “pause” and “run” indicators when I clicked the screen, but in a private window, it ran perfectly.

        We should start planning a plot, or plotting a plan. Or something.

        Buenas noches!

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