Isla San Francisco

Fresh off of my success in posting the first video, I am having a go at another. This was taken May 5th, 2019 on the East side of Isla San Francisco by our friends on the SV Liahona. The video begins with the Liahona filling the frame then the drone backs away to reveal Milagro anchored behind and continues climbing until both the East and West anchorages are visible. You can see Bret standing on his foredeck operating the drone controls as the video gets started.

For a week now, since last Saturday, June 2, we have been staying at the Villa Del Palmar resort along with our son Chip and his family as well as his mother-in-law, Deborah Spear. Villa Del Palmar is located on the shore at Bahia Candeleros about 25 miles South of Loreto. During this week we’ve taken them day sailing where the kids kayaked with sea turtles, dolphins and jumping Mobula Rays. There was a sortie up into the mountains to visit the Mision San Javier as well as a wee bit of shopping in Loreto for a few trinkets. Of course, we also did some hanging out poolside at the resort while Roberto kept our drinks full. Deborah was so taken by her first visit to Mexico and this property that she bought a time share here. Another first for her. That whole gang flies home tomorrow and we return to our normal lives aboard the good ship Milagro.

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