Milagro Position Report

It is Thursday, June 13, 2019 and all is mostly well here on the Milagro. Since the last post on June 3rd we completed our family visit and stay at the Villa Del Palmar resort on June 8 and have resumed our “normal” life. We moved Milagro out of the mooring field at Puerto Escondido on the 9th in favor of returning to Point Nopolo. Pto. Nopolo for all of the reasons I’ve ‘splained here before. Now there are several days of fairly strong SE winds forecast so we moved today to the protection of Bahia Marquer on the SW side of Isla Carmen. We are now set at 25 52.148’N, 111 13.070’W in 23′ over sand. The OAT is currently 87F, the pool is 80F with about 20’ visibility and the wind is SE at 10 to 12 kts. The island is upwind so we’re sitting on flat water pretty much no matter how hard it may blow. Considering the Wx forecast, we will likely stay here until Monday at least. I’ll explain the “mostly well” from line 1. Several days ago Judy tweaked a muscle or combination of them, across her shoulders at the base of her neck. She has been in great pain and barely able to move. We found our TENS unit no longer working so have borrowed one from nearby friends and THAT seems to be helping a lot. Today she is much improved giving us hope that she can put this behind her soon.

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