Milagro Position Report

It is Thursday, 20 June, 2019 and everything is good here on the Milagro. The sea swell that I mentioned yesterday did smooth out and we enjoyed a comfortable night under an intense canopy of stars. It wasn’t long however, before they were upstaged when the nearly full moon presented itself around 2200. Muy hermosa. So, today, we moved about 2nm North to a spot that does not appear on any of the charts or guides that we’ve found. It’s at the mouth of a normally dry wash aptly named Arroyo Blanco as the wash cuts through low, white colored bluffs. There are small sea caves cut into these white bluffs and a small, sandy beach at the mouth. Nice as well as pretty. Friends of ours stumbled onto this place a couple of months ago and suggested we might like it. We do. We’re here for tonight and will decide in the morning whether to stay put or move on to the next stop. For now we are at 25 52.916’N, 111 10.951’W in 23′ over sand. OAT is 86F, the pool is 80F (it warmed to 83F yesterday afternoon at Colorada!) and wind is light and variable. 2kts from NE at this moment. More on our progress tomorrow or Saturday.

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