Milagro Position Report

It is Friday, 21 June 2019 and all is well here. Our stay at Arroyo Blanco was nice but yesterday afternoon was stifling hot. 94F and ZERO wind. Zip. Nada. Much swimming occurred in an effort to cope but we eventually caved, drug out the generator and ran the A/C for several hours. Ahhhhh, so nice. Kayaking the shore and sea caves this morning we saw some pretty impressive scenery. We tried to capture some of that beauty in photos which I intend to post to the blog one day. After breakfast we moved to our next stop, Punta Perico South. Only 7.8nm NE of Arroyo Blanco we are now settled at 25 58.238’N, 111 04.500’W in 25′ over sand. OAT here is 88F but the pool is only 78F. As we are right at the end of a point of land there is a bit of breeze running NE at 7kts. Of course, we hope that breeze holds and that the thermometer doesn’t try to return to yesterdays numbers. That same SE swell continues to stay with us and, while it was not uncomfortable at Arroyo Blanco, we’re hopeful the breeze and currents keep us from sitting abeam of the swell here. Next stop is literally just around the corner. More tomorrow. Hasta entonces.

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