Milagro Position Report

It is Sunday, 23 June, 2019 and all is well here on Milagro. At Bahia Cobre yesterday, the afternoon water warmed to 83F. A steady N breeze of 7-9kts added its contribution. With the OAT in the low 90’s the breeze and the pool felt pretty darned good. This morning we made our move toward our next intended anchorage, V-Cove on the N side of Isla Carmen, however nature had other plans for us. Very shortly after we got underway northbound, the N wind increased to 15kts and the seas built to very closely spaced 2′ to 3′ wind swells. Not good conditions for any anchorage open to the North, like, well, V-Cove. We battled our way slowly into the wind then made our turn to go West over the top of Carmen and, as we advanced westward, the wind and seas gradually settled until we were on a nice beam reach in 8-9kts of N wind over mostly flat water. What a difference just a few miles makes. So, after a very nice sail we planted our anchor on the South side of Isla Coronados at 26 06.061’N, 111 17.041’W in 23′ over sand. The OAT is 85F and the pool temp is 81F. Water vis is only about 10′ here and green in color so its not nearly as inviting as at Cobre. We are not certain of the timing of our next move although we have decided to leave the 2 anchorages on the N side of Isla Carmen for next season. It’s time to get serious about the timing of our move to San Carlos so we’ll be reviewing the weather forecasts closely with that in mind. More to follow.

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