Milagro Position Report

It is Friday, 28 June, 2019 and everything here is good. And, we are in San Carlos! After reviewing the latest wind/sea forecast Thursday morning it seemed that the best odds for a comfortable passage was likely that day. Overnight winds for that evening and for several days following were going to be WNW to NW to N on the order of 20kts with the most westerly winds that night. Since we’d be going due North, Westerlies would be good. Considering that seas build greater with longer wind exposure, the seas would be a bit more lumpy each of the coming days. So, there it was. Not what we wanted exactly but the smart move was to get going or wait until sometime after the coming weekend, something we did not want to do either. As is often the case on a passage, we saw many different sea/wind combinations and motored, motorsailed, and sailed at one or more times during the 125nm. In general, the seas were mostly flat although a NW swell accompanied by some chop developed after sunrise today. In the end, we managed to complete 42% of the passage under sail alone while the remainder was either motorsailing or simply motoring. Now our anchor is set at the San Carlos waterfront (Caleta La Posada) at 27 56.808’N, 111 02.793’W in 28′ over sand. The OAT is 91F, it’s 83F in the pool and the wind is W 15 gusting to 20. We are in the lee of the town’s shore so our water is flat. We are scheduled into Marina San Carlos on Monday, July 1 but we may see if we can sneak in on the day before. Stay tuned folks as there is at least one more post coming before we bail out for the summer.

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