Milagro Position Report

Today is Saturday, 28 June, 2019 and we’re doing fine here on the Milagro. Yesterday afternoon winds reached 26kts but it was a hot, humid wind and, for our part, very unwelcome. We actually ran the generator and A/C for several hours in order to escape it. This morning we weighed anchor, visited the fuel dock at Marina San Carlos and then settled in the San Carlos Harbor with full tanks. Here we will move the dinghy onto the foredeck, drag out the dock lines, fenders and other accoutrement needed to convert from a sailing boat to a marina condo. Once you get so used to anchoring all the time, the monkey motion needed to tie yourself to a dock sure seems like a lot of work. First thing tomorrow morning we will slide into our slip at Marina San Carlos and get serious about packing things, securing systems, etc. For now we are at 27 56.744’N, 111 03.717’W in 23′ over sand. The OAT is 92F (going up to 102!?), it’s 83F in the pool and the wind is SE at 8 to 10kts.

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2 thoughts on “Milagro Position Report

  1. 102? Might as well be parked on the side of the road outside Kingman! At least there’d be less humidity!!!

  2. FYI. Packing has commenced here. Call me when you have time and a cool place. That said, tomorrow very busy.

    Hug your bride for me!

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