Milagro Position Report

Surprise, we’re back! Maybe that should read more like: “We are finally back”. But, I think I always say that. It seems to have become a pattern. Our summer visits North of the border last more like 4 months now rather than the 3 months we tell ourselves we’re aiming for. There just always seems to be one more thing that must be done or event that must be attended. However, for this year at least, that season is behind us and we are once again boat people. Arriving back at Milagro on Saturday, Nov 9th, we found the usual several surprises but eventually pulled it all together and made our exit from the marina midday on Thursday, Nov 14th. The wind and sea conditions were forecast to be perfect for motorboats and dissapointing for sailors but the next forecast change was decidedly unappealing – Tropical Storm moving up from the South will bring big seas and strong winds contrary to our purposes – so motorboating it is. We passed an uneventful night under clear skies and a full moon over mostly flat seas and arrived into the South anchorage at Isla Coronados at 0752 this morning, Friday, Nov 15. Our anchor is set (yes, we did remember how to anchor) in 18′ over sand at 26 06.167’N, 111 16.906’W. The OAT is 80F, the water temp is 78F with visibility about 20′. Wind is flat calm as is the sea. We are only a few miles from several anchorages in the general area of Loreto and will move tomorrow to one of them. And, should the forecast conditions develop as advertised, we will move again several times over the next several days to put ourselves into locations protected from whatever direction the wind and seas are coming from that day. We are excited to be back and are glad you’re here for us to share with.

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