Milagro Position Report

It is now Saturday, Nov 16, 2019 and all is well here on the reasonably good ship Milagro. After enjoying a pleasant overnight at Isla Coronados (Upper 70’s, light breeze and flat water) we were treated to a large pod of dophins swimming and cavorting around us while we had morning coffee in the cockpit. Try THAT at home! 🙂 Then, it was off to Pto. Ballandra on Isla Carmen which we reckon offers the best protection from Tropical Storm Raymond’s somewhat confusing and fickle winds. At 0938 our anchor was set at 26 01.108’N, 111 09.899’W in 25′ over sand. The OAT is 80F, it’s 60% humid, the pool is 78F and there is currently no wind. Skies are 80-90% covered by a high, thin overcast. 5 other boats here with us are also watching the changing forecast trying to work out when to make their next moves. In the past 48 hours of reports, nearly every one has offered different views of what’s coming. In all cases though, the winds here are not likely to be scary strong, maybe as much as 30kts but likely somewhat less. This is a well protected spot to see what actually happens. Several of those here are long time friends so there’s already been a bit of a reunion atmosphere. Looks like we should be able to move along by Monday afternoon so our current thinking is to go then to Point Nopolo and hang for a few days though, by then, we may have a different plan. Stay tuned. Hasta pronto.

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