Milagro Position Report

Today is Monday, 18 Nov 2019 and all is well with the soggy Milagro. Tropical Storm Raymond, cum Tropical Depresion Raymond, cum Remnant Low Raymond has been interesting. First of all, Raymond chose a path different from the track forecast for it. As a result, Raymond, for where we are, has been a rain event without wind. Yup, rain. Lots O rain. For the last 48 hrs rain has been with us. Often steady but sometimes a toadstrangling downpour. Everything and everybody is damp. Yes, we now know where all of our leaks are. The southern tip of Baja apparently saw winds to 30 knots and much rain, as well but no wind for us. We are not fond of Puerto Ballandra as it is notorious for its annoying bugs; bees, mosquitos and jejejene’s. Judy is a serious biting bug magnate and usually the object of much attention from those bugs when we do go there but, given the WX forecast, Ballandra was the only logical, safe choice in our neighborhood. She got eaten alive. Again. So, today, while conditions have not quite settled as much as they are going to, we weighed anchor and set off to begin our Southing. We motorsailed in light airs over seas ranging from 1′ confused chop to mill pond smooth, to closely spaced SE swell to 3′ causing considerable rolling. Conditions included low, heavy clouds that obscured most of the surrounding mountains and islands and delivered rain. Sometimes very heavy rain, sometimes light rain but nearly always, rain. At 1705 we set the anchor in Bahia Candeleros in a heavy downpour. We’re at 25 43.371’N, 111 14.276’W in 14’over sand. The OAT is 80F, it’s 70% humid, and the pool is 78F. Wind is NE at 6kts and there is ocean swell wrapping around Punta Candeleros creating considerable swell right on the beam for the boats anchored here. We’re not sure we can even fix dinner rolling ike this. Here we are, living the dream, eh? Sounds like fun, eh? Hopefully, we can get some sleep tonight while not getting devoured by carnivorous bugs, and continue South tomorrow. Hasta Manana, y’all.

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One thought on “Milagro Position Report

  1. Gary Skaggs

    Not pressing the “Like” button, Michael. I won’t mention how much of a Chamber of Commerce day we had here in West Central Texas. Hopefully you all can dry out Real Soon Now!

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