Milagro Position Report

It is Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019 and all is well here with the Milagros. Especially so because the boat is dry and so are we. When we left you last, there was concern over the uncomfortable ocean swell in the Candeleros anchorage so we’ll start there. It settled pretty quickly, disappearing completely by about 2100 allowing for a comfortable sleeping environment. The rain also ended by that time as well. The Candeleros anchorage is notorious for overnight West winds blasting down from the mountains even when there is no wind anywhere else around. True to reputation, those winds showed up about 0200 with 15 to 20 knots steady and higher gusts. We recorded one gust at 28kts. Normally, these winds are hot like your oven making them miserable but the recent weather caused these to be cooler. They are a dry, land breeze and so did a nice job of drying out the boat. Just imagine, dripping wet canvas, towels, everything – dry by morning. The noisy winds only lasted about 3 hours and we woke to calm seas, light airs and a dry boat. Still a lot of low hanging clouds around but no real threat of rain. Off we went for points South, enjoying in the process, a nice passage to Puerto Los Gatos. Variable wind conditions led to sailing under main and jib, sailing under main and Code 0 as well as some motorsailing. Seas were mostly flat and, did I mention, we were dry. All in all, a very nice day underway. At 1337 our anchor was set at 25 18.154’N, 110 56.788’W in 14′ over sand. OAT is 86F, the pool is 78F and humidity is 60%. The wind is SW at 6-10kts and there is a very slight SE swell running. We will continue South tomorrow with our sights set on San Evaristo, about 30nm on down the road. Hasta manana, y’all.

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