Milagro Position Report

Today is Wednesday, 20 Nov, 2019 and all is well on Milagro. Today was a good day for sailors. We enjoyed a peaceful overnight stay at Los Gatos but were surprised this morning when the low, scudding clouds that hung over the land to our west moved offshore about sunrise this morning. Just enough to bring rain showers to us. That’s right, we got hosed down again this morning. To the east and south the skies were clear which allowed the rising sun to turn our little shower into a very lovely rainbow. Los Gatos is known for it’s red sandstone formations and those colors were deepened by the rain showers, framed by the deep green of wet vegetation behind the sandy beach all topped by a brilliant rainbow and illuminated perfectly by the low angle of a rising sun. Just, wow! So, off we set towards those mostly clear skies to our south. And this is what we found: flat water with a little light chop, SW breezes from 5 to 10kts and sunny skies. The boat dried quickly and we were obliged to endured flat water, light air sailing. All. Day. Long. How sweet is THAT? At 1519 our anchor was set in the bay at San Evaristo which is at the S end of the San Jose Channel just before it opens up to become the Bay of La Paz. We’re at 24 54.666’N, 110 42.348’W in 14′ over sand. The OAT is 86F, the pool is 79F and there is a SSW breeze running at 6-7 kts over flat water. Tomorrow we’ll make the leap across the Bay of La Paz to Bahia Falsa. Falsa is just outside the entrance to the La Paz channel and is our usual landing spot before proceeding into La Paz itself. More tomorrow.

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