Milagro Position Report

Today is Thursday, 21 Nov, 2019 and we’re all good here on the Milagro. After a quiet night at San Evaristo we were on our way with first light this morning. I DO love a “Dawn Patrol”. Conditions for today were forecast to be very light SW breezes over flat water then giving way tomorrow afternoon to North winds 15-20 and building seas. Would we prefer a “Sunday drive” across flat water over a sporting romp in 4′ quartering seas? Why, yes, yes we would. Although 4 to 5 kt breezes added some ripples early on, once the breeze died to more like 2 kts the surface became glassy and millpond smooth. So there was some pesky engine noise for us to put up with. That annoyance was balanced by an easy passage in pleasant conditions. Here we are then, at Bahia Falsa, just outside the city of La Paz, at 24 15.449’N, 110 19.148’W in 30′ over sand. It’s warm like yesterday at 87F but the pool is 80F so there might be some pool time soon. There’s a 2 kt zypher blasting at us out of the SW and the sky is mostly clear. Arriving here has also returned us to the land of “normal” communication so the cell phones, email, and internet are once again available to us. We aim to sit here at least through the weekend as the forecast Norther moves through. We are working with our diver to get our mooring tackle set back up and we will move onto that mooring as soon as he gets that gets done. (Pro tip: since this is Mexico, it is pointless to expect work to be completed by any particular time. It WILL (probably) get done but circling a calendar date is a certain path to disappointment). Thanks for sailing with us, we’ll let you know what’s up as it develops.

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