We are home……for a while anyway

It is Saturday, 23 Nov, 2019 and all is well here. In a surprise turn of events, we heard from our diver late on Thursday that he would be out to attach our mooring tackle on Friday morning. Like, as in, the next day. OK, that SOUNDS great and it IS encouraging but, again, this Mexico and things normally just don’t happen so quickly – we will believe it when we see it. On Friday morning we again heard from him that he expected to be completed by midday but, if we aim to take the mooring about 1400 that should give him plenty of time. I should add here somewhere that the La Paz estuary is subject to strong tidal currents and about the only practical time to be in the water is at slack tides. Since the ebbing tides carry quite a bit of silt and other flotsom affecting visibility, the very best time is a slack HIGH tide. Consequently, the divers options for being able to find your mooring and to work on it are limited to small windows of time twice daily. And one of those times frequently in darkness. You can imagine then, how surprised we were that Jose was both willing and able to get right on it. Now, back to the story. At 1418 yesterday afternoon we were secured to the mooring at 24 09.352’N, 110 19.710’W in 18′ of water. OAT was 80F, it was 77F in the pool and the North wind ran 10 – 15 kts. We are now where we will stay at least through the end of December. There are work projects planned including a haul out to repaint the bottom. In the meantime, we have many friends here (Judy’s already at her first card game), LP is filled with great restaurants and there are muchos actividades to keep us entertained. We will be “quiet” for a while but will pass along anything significant and, of course, let you know when we’re on the move again. Hasta Luego, y’all.

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One thought on “We are home……for a while anyway

  1. Sometimes you get the PRIZE and today was it! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! We’re off to see the kids in Maryland. Might get to “turn dirt” mid-December!

    Tell Judy “Howdy!” for us!

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