Jerks on the High Seas

It is Sunday, 1 December, 2019 and all is well here. We last checked in with you on Nov 23 when we moved on to the mooring by Marina De La Paz. But, there is a “rest of the story”. A story about jerks on the high seas. We actually tied up to a friends mooring right next to ours instead when we found a boat anchored too near to ours for us to both safely be there. I did approach them, explained that they were in a mooring field and that they were too close to our mooring for us to use it. I politely asked them to move just a short distance away. They told me they didn’t care to move so bugger off. (I paraphrase) But, during our “conversation” they told me they would move on December 1st. Knowing we had access to our friends mooring, and, in the spirit of good neighborliness, I allowed as how Dec 1 would be fine, we’d take the other mooring. So, today being Dec 1, we left our friends mooring and moved over to ours. Our friend immediately moved onto hers. The other vessel near to ours had not moved yet and, because they were ashore when we made the move, we reckoned they’d be moving along soon enough. No worries. However, when they did return, observed us on our mooring and that our boats were quite uncomfortably close, they proceeded to let loose. They had apparently decided to stay beyond the 1st and, rather than come to us for a discussion or honor their committment to move as they had assured me they would, they declared us to be jerks and insisted on us moving instead of them. No amount of reasoning seemed to effect their position. So, after several hours of monitoring the closely set boats while reflecting on the merits of playing “who is the bigger jerk” (I can play that game pretty well when needed) verses getting a good nights sleep, reason won out. We slipped our mooring lines and moved a short distance to anchor for the night. If they do not move tomorrow, another mooring right next to ours is supposed to become available so we should make another move then, to ours or to our friends. In all our years of boating, we have never encountered, until these folks, anyone whom you would describe as selfish, arrogant jerks. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky. It takes all kinds in this world and these are not likely the only ones with a boat. At 1633 we were anchored at 24 09.308’N, 110 19.964’W in 20′ over sand/mud. OAT is 78F, pool is 79F and there is 12knts of breeze from the north.

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