Message Avalanche!?

It is Tuesday, 4 Dec, 2019 and everything is good here plus we are back on our own mooring. I want to start by apologizing to everyone for the avalanche of emails youve probably just received. Something seems to have happened on the Farkwar end to cause this because, I assure you, it did not come from us. In fact, we received 31 emails ourselves. Lets all hope that its a one time anomaly that we wont see again. To add to the uncertainty, I first sent this message yesterday, the 3rd. It posted to the Farkwar website but not the blog and no notification emails went out. Again, not sure what’s going on back at Farkwar Central HQ.
How about some more rest of the story stuff? You likely remember our unpleasant neighbor who refused to move an inch to accommodate our mooring? You also know that we slipped our lines and moved to anchor elsewhere so as to avoid a night of fending off the neighbors boat. Well, get this. Less than an hour after we moved, those rascals weighed their anchor and left. We missed seeing the actual departure so do not know where they went but they were nowhere in sight very shortly after we had settled ourselves in at the new spot. What the heck do you suppose that was about? Vehemently stand your ground and insist the other guy give then, when he does, pick up and move on. Odd. Also, Judy asserts that my previous post on this event was a rant. If it came across that way to you, I apologize for that, as well. Until next time.

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