Milagro Position Report

Greetings, Farkwar Friends. It is May 27, 2020 and all is well on the Milagro. We have finally returned to her and have spent the past few days in a slip at Marina De La Paz scraping several months of dirt from her and addressing a few projects. With only a few open issues to settle we reckon to get underway in the next few days. The COVID-19 thing has affected everyone in various ways and for us, our cruising patterns have been thrown out of whack. Our aim now is to resume our normal annual pattern: sail Mexico through the end of June, play stateside with the motorhome until sometime around the end of October then return to Milagro and cruise until June again. It’s been our routine for several years now. With that in mind, we should be able to enjoy about a month of normal cruising as we slowly gunkhole our way from La Paz to San Carlos. Most of that time will likely be in the greater Loreto area for all of the great anchorages and other benefits there. Mexico is still very much locked down but there is hope, and some expectation, the restrictions may begin easing in June. We hope so, for us but mostly for the poor folks here who rely on the informal economy for their very existence. Of course, we will resume our normal progress reports as soon as we’ve actually gotten ourselves underway so stay tuned. Hasta pronto, y’all.

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