Milagro Postion Update

Greeting Farkwarians, it is Saturday, May 30, 2020 and all is well here on Milagro. Especially so as we have actually cast off the lines and gotten ourselves underway. While today we only went a short distance outside of the La Paz channel, we are “out here” again – finally. Our plan is to continue our slow march north tomorrow, anchor hopping as we go. Tomorrow night should be Bahia Embuje on the NW point of Isla Partida then Monday either the north side of Isla San Francisco or Punta Muchado. Tuesday could be Los Gatos then Wednesday Agua Verde or we might make a longer day of it an leap all the way to Bahia Candeleros. We are aiming for a comfortable and pleasant, unrushed journey. Conditions during this time are forecast to be mostly light and mostly from the SW which may not produce many sailing opportunities but, at the same time, should not be rowdy. At 1248MDT our anchor was set in Bahia Falsa at 24 15′.528N, 110 19′.059W in 24′ over sand/gravel. The water temp is 74F, vis is about 10′ and it’s a bit green. OAT is 81F and the breeze is making 8kts from the SW. More tomorrow.

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