Milagro Position Update

It is Sunday, 5/31/20, and everything is good here on the Milagro. We left the Falsa anchorage this morning a little after 0900 and stepped right into a following breeze blowing in the mid-teens. We were able to sail virtually the entire way today making a steady 6kts under jib alone. The wind created following seas that became a wee bit uncomfortable from time to time but those moderated as we progressed and, all in all, we had a great sailing day. At 1330 our anchor was set in this narrow, V-shaped cove at the northern tip of Isla Partida called, either Ensenada El Embudo or El Embulo depending on which chart you’re looking at. We’re going with Embudo. You could probably squeeze 2 boats in here though it would be cozy. Fortunately, we are the only boat here today. If you have the time and interest, have a Google Earth look at this location, it’s pretty cool. We are at 24 34′.881N, 110 23′.977W in 27′ of green water over sand. The pool is a chilly 70F while the OAT is 84F. The S breeze that blew us up here continues managing 8 to 12kts inside the cove where we are. We will move again tomorrow and, based upon the wind projections we’re thinking the E side of Isla San Francisco will likely be our best bet. But we will have to see what tomorrow looks like when it gets here. Hasta manana, everyone.

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