Milagro Position Update

It is Thursday, 6/4/20 and all is well here. Yesterday we enjoyed kayaking, beach combing and even worked in some drone flight training in the morning then lazed around in the afternoon reading and napping. The water temp rose to 79F so used the pool to cool down several times. Underway at dawn this morning with zero wind and flat, glassy seas however, only about a mile out of the bay the wind showed up. From the West and right on the beam at 15-20G24kts stirring the seas up in the process. That only lasted a couple of hours though before it changed again, becoming NE at 15kts for a while before dying off to nothing. Interesting. So, it was once again, a mixed bag of conditions. Some we could sail in, others not so much but a nice enough day all in all. At 1236MDT our anchor was set in front of Rattlesnake Beach near Puerto Escondido at 25 48.185N, 110 18′.523Win 53′ over gravel. The OAT is 93F (YIKES!) and the pool is 77F – yes, we’ve already been in, and there is a NE breeze running at 5kts. We are not certain if we are going to hang here for a day or two or move again tomorrow but we’ll let you know. In the meantime, I think maybe we need to dig out our sun shades. BTW, we also have cell coverage here so are able to update WX forecasts and sort through our pile of email. Hasta pronto.

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