Milagro Position Update

Today is Sunday, the 7th of June, 2020 and all is good here. After 3 very peaceful days and nights at Rattlesnake Beach we made a change of venue this morning in anticipation of some southerly winds over the next several days. Only 2 miles away as the seagull would fly however, to keep the boat in the water, we were obliged to sail out around Point Coyote on our way to Bahia Chuenque making it a little over 5nm for us water creatures. At 0942MDT our anchor was set just off the village of Juncalito at 25 50′.063N, 111 19′.693W in 25′ over hard sand. The OAT is 83F, it’s 78F in the pool and there is an 8kt breeze from the E. The sea is flat and sky clear. It is likely that we will stay here for several days as this spot is good for the forecast wx, there is a bit of 3G cell service (not great but possibly better than nothing) and 2 other boats are here that are friends of ours. We would not be shocked if “social distancing” protocols got a little compromised. Of course we will let you know when there is anything new to report. Hasta pronto, y’all.

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