Milagro Position Report

It is Thursday, the 11th of June, 2020 and all is well here. We moved this morning to one of our favorite places to hang out here in the Loreto area – Point Nopolo. It is no good for winds from the East or, especially, the NE as the fetch is long and big waves build quickly plus, we’d be on a lee shore as well. But, conditions are good for now so here we are. COVID concerns are strong here and Loreto is pretty well locked down. Only one person is allowed to go ashore for necessary provisions with the approval of the Port Captain. Masks must be worn and no aclohol sales of any kind are allowed. They make no secret that they want you to get your stuff and get out. Just 10 miles South, at Pto Escondido, they see it differently. It sits on Federal land so they must not feel obliged to comply with the restrictions of Loreto Municipality. There, masks are recommended but at least 1/2 are not bothering, liquor is available and even limited beer. Just 2 brands though, 1 in bottles the other in cans and neither of them anything you would drink unless desperate. Interesting, eh?
There are several enterprising souls in Loreto who are offering shopping so as to keep cruisers from coming in to town and we have made arrangement with one for provisioning on Saturday. We’ll be sure to tell you how that goes. For now, we are at Point Nopolo at 25 55′.480N, 111 20′.853W in 15′ over sand. I’m sure the Farkwar map shows a forest of little red balloons here as we’ve been here so many times before. The OAT is 86F, it is 79F in the pool and a SE breeze is running at 6kts. The sea is mostly flat and the sky is clear. The hotel Loreto Bay here at Nopolo is closed but are still broadcasting their WiFi so we are already taking advantage of that. Also, the LTE cell signal here is good. More on Saturday, hasta entonces.

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