Milagro Position Report

Today is Saturday, 6/13/20, and all is good here. As advertised, we made a sortie to Loreto this morning for provisions. Because of the lockdown restrictions there, several local people have come up with ways to earn some dinero while reducing everyone’s exposure. These enterprising folks offer a couple of different dockside solutions. One puts together “cornucopia” baskets every Friday. For a set price you get an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables including some sourced from local farmers. Local honey, goat cheese and other such local items are usually available as well but add additional cost. This gets good reviews but the downside is that you get whatever the buyer chose to put in the basket that week. We went with one of the other offerings instead; a personal shopper. You meet your shopper on the dock at the appointed date and time and give them your list and some shopping bags. When they are done, they notify you and you then dinghy back in for your goodies. For this you pay actual receipt totals plus 20%. Maybe a bit more expensive than the other way but you get to choose what you want. No risk of getting, say, broccoli when no one in your family will eat it. Our girl will stop at many places other than grocery stores. She even picked up a gluten free pizza for Judy from Pan Que Pan. SWEET! So with provisioning done, we returned to Point Nopolo and parked right next to where we were just this morning. At 1307MDT our hook was set in 12′ over sand at 25 55′.468N, 111 20′.845W. The OAT is 92F (Yikes!) and the wind is from the S at 8 to 10kts causing some small wind waves. The BCS Government has announced the relaxation of some restrictions starting Monday, 6/15, to include dining rooms open to 30% of capacity (with distance requirements), beaches open but limited to 30% occupancy (?) and no large groups or gatherings. While this seems good, many of the locals are quite concerned about the risks so, we will see. For now, we reckon to hang here for a few days. We’ll let you know when moving day comes around again. Hasta entonces.

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