What’s this – a blog post!?

It’s been so long since we’ve made a post here that I suspect we’ve lost any audience that we may have once had. Undaunted, however, I continue. We have just renewed our WordPress account and our domain so maybe I should pay better attention to it. So, I f this post doesn’t end the drought it will, at least, interrupt it.

Like everyone else, our 2020 was an unusual year in so many ways. Following our usual Stateside  “vacation” from July through October, we found ourselves “stuck” in Arizona for first one reason then another. COVID concerns on both sides of the border, of course, and questions about how or when we should respond sort of dominated things. In addition, there were medical issues that popped up as well. While those aren’t entirely resolved just yet, we are closing in on them and expect to return to cruising around the middle of March.

Our “beach” at son Chip’s house in Phoenix

We spent much of the summer glamour camping with our motorhome in the mountains near Flagstaff, AZ. While it was a much drier year than normal we still enjoyed cool nights and pleasant afternoons at 7500’. Chip and his family joined us for much of that time so there was always something going on.

Normal daily afternoon showers were a no show this year leaving very dry conditions in the forest

We participated again in the Arizona Memorial Motorcycle Rides – a 3 event charity affair honoring law enforcement and other first responders whose lives were lost in the line of duty. For the first time, Judy suited up this summer and started riding with me. She even joined me on the bike for the November Memorial Ride which took place in Phoenix. 

Our BMW with the group at one of the memorial sites in Nogales, AZ
Judy on board

Given the dry conditions in this part of the world there were necessary fire restrictions over the summer that also prohibited firearm shooting in the open desert areas. That drove me to join an indoor shooting club which I have certainly gotten my money’s worth out of. A generous guest policy has also allowed Chip to take considerable advantage, as well.

I’m not the precision shooter I was 30 years ago but I can still find the target
Chip taking advantage of the club’s guest privileges

We’ve had a much better COVID lockdown experience than many in both Mexico and the US so shouldn’t complain and now, we are both vaccinated and looking forward to things returning to “normal”. At least, someday. For the near term, however, we will try to salvage a bit of a cruising season in spite of the continuing lockdown conditions. Of course, the Mexico vaccinations will lag well behind the US, we still hope their lockdown conditions will begin some easing as time and vaccinations progress.

So, there it is, a brief summary of how we spent our Summer. And our Fall. And our Winter.  Along with an idea of what we expect of the near future. Now, if only I will follow up with more regular posts. If only. 🤔

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5 thoughts on “What’s this – a blog post!?

  1. Dave and Michelle O.

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well. We have been anticipating your next post for so long!!! We always look forward to seeing where you are at and what you are up to.
    Dave and Michelle
    Endless Summer

    • So great to hear from you guys! Honest to goodness I’ve been thinking of you recently and meaning to email and find out what you’re up to these days. Prolly I still should. 😉

  2. maswiatek

    Thank you for posting!!I We are anxious to meet and cruise and cocktail with you! We are driving down if you need us to bring anything! Leaving Reno -May 4.

    Safe travels- look forward to reading more news Marjie

    Marjorie Swiatek 💃


    • Thank you, Marjorie, if something comes up we will let you know. If you cross over t the Baja side in May we should be able to connect. We have friends to coming to charter a boat out of La Paz in May and we will be found in the greater Loreto area after that.

  3. Chuck Herman

    Good to see you are doing well and surviving the pandemic. We do enjoy following your travels on the boat and had heard of your land yacht in the summer. We have both vessels as well and hope to be able to start doing something similar in the near future. Best wishes to you,

    Chuck and Mary Ann

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