Back in the saddle again

As I write this it is Thursday evening, April 8th even though WordPress insists in telling you I’m posting on Friday, the 9th at something like 10 AM. Not sure how to correct them so you get this little note of clarification. 😁

Of course, it’s not exactly a saddle. OK, you’re right, it’s not anything like a saddle. We are, however, back on the boat again – finally. It’s been a long 9 months and some odd days so it actually seems a bit odd. Or, at least, less familiar than that “coming home” feeling we’ve come to expect.   We keep trying to flush the toilet like it’s the toilet on the Motorhome and, no, this one doesn’t work that way. Now and again we even have to think hard for a moment to remember where this or that is kept or, “how do we do that here?” That does seem to be improving quickly.

Milagro herself was in pretty good shape and, so far at least, she hasn’t punished us too badly for our long absence. Over several days we’ve completed the usual recommissioning chores along with a few from the “less normal” category and reckon we’re close enough to ready to have a go at it. Today we checked out with the Port Captain, put the car into storage and finished stowing (most) of the remaining gear and provisions. 

Tomorrow we will leave the marina, stop at the fuel dock to top off the tanks and anchor at nearby Bahia Algodones. Yes, that is the bay where the movie Catch-22 was filmed and where you’ll find the Soggy Peso bar on the beach. We’ll spend Friday night there then it’s off to the Baja side of things on Saturday. That should have us landing at Isla Coronado (just north of Loreto) on Sunday morning. And, just like THAT, we’ll be cruisers again. 

As in the past, we will continue postings via HF radio and (if you’re not already following us there you really should sign up. It’s free and painless. Really).

We’ll see you soon. Hasta pronto, y’all.

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One thought on “Back in the saddle again

  1. Dave and Michelle

    Welcome back, we’ve missed your great log entries and information.
    Dave and Michelle
    Endless Summer

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