Cruisers again?

Howdy all! It is Saturday evening, 4/10/21 and all is well here on the fairly good ship Milagro. We have completed our passage from the mainland to the Baja so we’re beginning to feel more like cruisers again. As usual, over a passage of nearly 20 hours you get a mixed bag of wind and sea conditions and this crossing was no exception. Conditions were not ideal, especially for sailing, but they were not going to be better, and likely worse, for nearly a week. So off we went. Calm seas and winds L&V overnight then heavy, wet fog for several hours following sunrise followed by several hours of confused and choppy seas giving way to a SE swell in the afternoon as winds built to become 10-15 from the SE. Directly on our nose, of course. Still, we managed a fair amount of motorsailing. Under cover of darkness we set anchor on the NW side of Isla Coronado at 2000 MST in 20′ over sand at 26 06.266’N, 111 17.449’W. Wind is SW @ 8-12 kts, the OAT is 72F and it’s 69F in the pool. So we’re finally back on the Baja agin! Reckon we will hang out here for a few days before moving along. We’ll keep you posted.

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