Milagro Position Report

It is Sunday, 16May21 and all is well here on the Milagro. Got out of the marina this morning and, as planned, joined up with our friends who on their charter boat. After an uneventful passage that even included a little actual sailing, we are anchored now on the east side of Isla Espiritu Santo at the unamed cove we call Liahona Cove. The Liahona’s introduced us to it in 2019 so that’s what we call it. At 1400MDT our anchor was set at 24 29.290’N, 110 18.299’W in 20′ over sand/gravel. The OAT is 81F and it’s 73F in the pool. A brief dip determined that the little string of pearl stinging jellyfish are present so wear your full body suits, kids. Wind is NW to NE at 4 to 7 knts. Tomorrow will find us somewhere a little north of here as they explore the area. Hasta manana.

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