Milagro Position Report

It’s already Thursday, May 20,2021 and we’re doing fine here on the Milagro. Our week of buddy boating with friends has been a lot of fun but it has ended-far too soon. Today they began heading back towards La Paz to turn in their chartered boat on Saturday morning while we continued north toward the greater Loreto area. 15-17knot southerly winds early allowed us to sail dead downwind for much of the day. As we left the San Jose channel the wind fanned out, its strength decreasing as it did so, until we eventually had to turn to motoring. Our intended destination was Los Gatos but a low pass there confirmed that the south winds were causing enough swell right into the anchorage that we would have had a very uncomfortable night. Soooo…, keep on trucking we did. At 1818MDT our anchor was set off the middle beach at Bahia Agua Verde in 26′ over sand/gravel at 25 30.968’N, 111 03.989’W. The OAT is 87F (not liking THAT very much) and it’s 76F in the pool. Mountains here protect from southerly winds so it’s basically calm now. Tomorrow we will continue north and will advise where we decide to pitch our tent once we land. Hasta manana, y’all.

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