Milagro Position Upate

Today is Thursday, 6/3/21 and all is well here. After a couple of days enjoying the amazing geology of Pto. La Lancha we moved less than 2 miles east to El Refugio, AKA V-Cove. It’s only large enough for one vessel and exhibits more of the impressive scenery seen at L Lancha, including several sea caves. We actually made 2 trips. After finding V-Cove already occupied we returned to La Lancho only to observe the V-Cove boat pass by just a few minutes later. We wasted no time getting the anchor up again and racing back before anyone else slipped in. And…we made it. So, at 1011hrs MDT, our anchor was finally set in V-Cove at 26 03′.509N, 111 05′.059W in 30′ over sand/gravel. The OAT is 84F, the pool is 78F and there is 6kts of breeze from the NE. If the bees here are not too much trouble we will stay a couple of days. If they’re obnoxious then we will move again tomorrow.

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