Milagro Position Update

Today is Sunday, 6/6/21, and things here are OK. It has become HOT but otherwise OK. I’m a day behind as yesterday we moved from V-Cove to Pt. Nopolo. By Friday afternoon the bee activity in V-Cove had progressed from annoying to almost overwhelming so Saturday morning we bailed out. Conditions for several days have been almost zero wind with glassy, flat water so any moving about is a motorboat ride and that describes our passage yesterday. At 1158MDT our anchor was set once again in front of the Hotel at Loreto Bay at 25 55′.483N, 111 20′.758W in 25′ over a bottom of sand & mud. We are a bit further off shore than normal for us here because there were several other boats already here and parked on “our” spots. And, summer has clearly arrived to this neighborhood. The OAT was 89F and we saw 94F before the day was over. The pool was 82F but reached 84F in the afternoon. The steady drone of air conditioning is beginning to sound pretty appealing. Current thinking is to move tomorrow (Monday) down to Bahia Candeleros as the cell and wifi coverage here has become painfully slow for some reason – normally it is quite good. We will let you know.

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